Company introduction
Hualien pumps corp. is a leading pump manufacturer serving the fastest-growing segments of the global
pump market. Hualien pumps provides end-to-end pump manufacturing solutions delivering highest
quality of pumps and serving the industrial, commercial, building HVAC&R (heating, ventilating, air
conditioning, Water treatment Plants and refrigeration) as well as the residential water supply market.
Hualien pumps corp. was established in 2005 with the goal of becoming a major
international manufacturer of high quality pumps that would meet or exceed international quality
standards, be competitively priced, and would be supported by an organization that would provide
excellent service to our customers, while at the same time considering the impact of our product and
activities on the environment. By constantly and diligently working with these goals in mind,
Hualien pumps corp. has grown to be a major international pump manufacturer.
The continual expansion of sales to new markets and new customers, as well as the growth of sales to
existing customers, is a testament to the high quality of our pumps, our competitive pricing, and the
exceptional service provided by our staff working closely with our many customers